Rebuilt Pencil Android

Age: No one really knows when he was first made.

Height: 5' 7 "

Weight: 212 lbs

Mental Disorder(s): Well... He was rebuilt by Fred...

Likes: Charging, sarcasm, annoying the others.

Dislikes: His friends, food and extreme heat... he's a robot, y'know?

A while back, Ralph, Jimmy, and Fred fought a gang of "Pencil Androids." without any clue where they came from, Ralph and Jimmy just kind of shrugged it off and forgot about it. Fred, however, decided to rebuild one of them to try and recover it's memory of where it came from. This is Dave. He's reprogrammed to help out the team, but his memory was left intact, so he doesn't like it. Since he can't physically harm the others, he says whatever he thinks will get the biggest rise out of them, and laughs every time they fail. His memory is, unfortunately, currently too corrupted to remember what it is he was rebuilt for.

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