How, in the name of all that is pudding, does someone come up with something as weird as this? Well, it starts with Fred.

Yep, that's the first picture of Fred EVER.
I invented Fred as a character in another story I've been working on, he didn't quite fit. That story's just a little too serious for Fred, but he was too dag-nabbed funny to trash. so, I decided to build a story to suit HIM.

I needed a couple of friends for him to hang out with, but I figured they couldn't be just any made-up guys. So, I turned to some other previous experiments for inspiration.

One time, during my senior year of high school, I had an assignment to "Teach the class how to do something." I chose to show 'em how to "make up and draw a cartoon character" So, I actually have Miss Reid's Year 2000 6th period Drama class to thank for Ralph. They chose "an evil cow named 'George'" So I drew him on the board. He dressed more like Jimmy at the time, but he was in my head, either way.
I changed his clothes from pants into a red dress/cloak thing, gave him dark glasses, and renamed him "Ralph." It's not his first picture, but it's his first picture dressed as himself.

So, I had "weird" and "angry," I needed an equalizer. Someone to offset the two, and seem normal most of the time. I found an old paper, again from Highschool, and found a little doodle of a cat. The strange little guy, I decided, would find a home with Fred and Ralph.

I took his whiskers away, changed the shape of his ears, gave him a body, and named him "Jimmy."

So, I had a small election a while back, and several people voted in a new female character. Out of all the selections to choose from, the public decided on "a bat with Intermittent Explosive Disorder, my choice of hair, black and purple(Tied) clothing, and an accessory Happyface.
This is the first "comlpete" picture of Mary. Having gone through about 9 or 10 faces, puzzling over how to treat her hands/wings, and picking a simple, but interesting name (I hope), I drew this. I chose "really light blonde" because it contrasted from the grey/brown of her fur. And as far as her personality... Visit her profile. :)

The Comic

The title is based on the idea that I don't think Fred or his cohorts could exist without some sort assisted living program, and that they should fight crime.

Once I had the idea, I wrote little comics, badly drawn in just ink (no pencil sketches first). They lacked direction, and were only made to put in the back of another project I was working on at the time (may or may not be finished), and were, over all, just crappy. Then a friend of mine, William Collier II, informed me of Comic Genesis (previously Keenspace) , and told me I should do a comic. I came up with a storyline,rethought the jokes, and added consistancy to the characters and plot. And here it is. A serious storyline, with a double thick coat of spastic comedy, just to throw you off.

I'll add more as the comic evolves and I remember more details.

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